Mould assessments can be prompted by a moisture intrusion event, insurance loss, or complaints of poor indoor air quality (IAQ). We determine the cause of the problem and provide practical, cost-effective abatement solutions.

Mould consulting 

While no two mould assessments are the same, there are common services involved:

  • Identification of pre-existing conditions
  • Mould identification
  • Determination of cause and effect
  • Moisture assessment and mapping and, if required, thermographic imaging
  • Development of work plans based on industry standards
  • Air testing during and after abatement 

See Mould Abatement Case Study for more info.

Mould removal

The most effective way to prevent mould contamination within a building is the prompt removal of any suspected contaminated material and the repair of the structural components and mechanical failures of the building that led to mould propagation. 

We manage mould remediation and conduct periodic inspections throughout abatement. These inspections ensure regulatory compliance and scope of work, inspect engineering controls (e.g. barriers, negative air pressure, decontamination facilities), and check for health and safety, personal protective equipment, dust suppression, and waste handling. Air sampling occurs during and after all remediation is complete.